Behaviour Adjustment Training

BAT-boken som inspirerar dig att lösa din hunds reaktiva problem.

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Think “functional" to solve your dog’s reactivity issues.

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) was developed by author Grisha Stewart to rehabilitate and prevent dog reactivity. BAT looks at the function of growling, lunging, or fleeing and helps dogs learn socially acceptable behaviors that serve that same function. In a nutshell, BAT builds confidence by giving dogs a chance to learn to control their environment through peaceful means. That makes BAT very empowering to your dog or puppy, in a good way. It’s also empowering for you, as you learn how to understand your dog and help him learn to safely get along with people, dogs, and other “triggers."

You will learn:

• How to encourage or shape a “replacement behavior" that provides your dog the same “functional reward" as reactivity.
• Why it is important to keep your dog calm in the presence of a trigger while teaching him to make good choices.
• Step-by-step instructions needed to stage BAT set-ups to work with your dog in a controlled environment.
• Practical ways to keep your dog from being pushed into a reactive state in and around your home and on walks.
• How to use BAT preventively for puppy socialization.

What experts are saying about Behavior Adjustment Training

Every trainer should have the methods described in BAT in their tool box. There’d be a lot more happy dogs and happy owners if they did!
Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., author The Other End of the Leash

Every trainer who works with dogs that aren’t completely bombproof should have both the technical skills of BAT and the learning theory behind it in their toolbox. Grisha Stewart presents a thoughtful, reader-friendly protocol that is appropriate for both professionals and laypeople. Both scientific and entertaining, this book will skilfully guide you through a sticky subject.
Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CPDT-KA, CDBC, author Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog

Behavior Adjustment Training is an excellent resource for people who have reactive dogs, and the professional trainers who help them. Grisha Stewart’s instruction is easy to understand, enhanced by wonderful illustrations, and she includes the “technical jargon" for pros who crave the science!
Teoti E. Anderson, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, author Your Outta Control Puppy

Author: Grisha Stewart

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